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Below are some of the most popular products that we offer. If you don't see what you’re looking for, please call us because we probably have it, or can tell you where to find it. If you have a product and you’re not sure what it is, call us we will help you figure it out!

Printing & Display

We offer a wide range of "plastics" that are printable. Printing on plastic is an excellent way to promote ones product in an interesting and unique way.

These types of applications include: Advertising, Point of purchase, Packaging, Overlay inserts, Menus, etc.

Plastic substrate benefits include: water barrier resistance, long term use, weatherability, as it relates to the printed piece.

Most things printed on paper are soon discarded because the printed piece deteriorates so quickly. With plastic, the life of the printed piece can be increased tenfold. You also get the benefits of uniqueness in that the printed piece almost always gets the consumers attention!