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  • Printable by Offset, Letterpress, Gravure, Flexography.
  • Thermal transfer and silk screen processes.
  • ​Can be folded, sheeted, stapled, hot foil stamped, die-punched, serrated and adhesive bounded.



Synthetic paper is a plastic, normally made of polyethylene or polypropylene. It has additives that make it act and feel like paper. These product usually have very good "dyne" levels which make it ideal for offset printing. There are different types of product, some that "tear" very easily, others that are "tear resistant". Please make sure you know the specific application, and demands of this product.

  • Non tear-able (you must specify)
  • Completely recyclable.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Writes & prints like paper.
  • Excellent folding endurance.
  • ​Unaffected by grease and common solvents.
  • ​Dimensionally stable, durable & weather resistant.

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