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Polyester ( Mylar) is a bi-axially oriented film that is commonly available in .0005 to .010 mils thick. PET is most often available in Clear, Clear matte, White and metalized. PET is dimensionally stable at high temperatures. It offers durability in the form of excellent initial tear and puncture resistance. It provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance as well. Polyester is optically very clear. It can be top-coated for offset printing with a chemical treatment which will increase the dyne level. This treatment lasts much longer than the traditional corona treatment.

 Manufactured to high standards, polyester is an extremely smooth substrate. This lends itself to applications that require good wet out. In addition Pet offers even caliper across the web. Polyester withstands many outdoor stresses, such as temperature extremes, environmental conditions, and moisture exposure. These characteristics make polyester a good choice for material tracking labels, compliance product identification, and safety/hazard/instructional labeling for durable goods.

  • Overhead Projection Transparencies
  • Engineer Drawings
  • Drafting 
  • Heat Blankets
  • Confetti

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