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PETG is high clarity thin gauge co-polyester available in rolls and sheets. This material can be vacuum formed to produce products that have excellent definition as well as cold temperature impact strength.

This product is excellent for:
Screen printing
UV printing
Offset printing.

In addition PETG lends itself to excellent recyclability for both the manufacturer and the consumer!
It is available from .005-.375 thick.
There is a 2000# minimum.
48" width is the most optimal (or any variation of that i.e.: 16" or 24"). For other widths the lead time may increase and the price may be higher.
It is available masked 1 or 2 sides on .015 or thicker.

Sheet requirements:
14" x 14" is the smallest sheet available
.005-.017 - the maximum sheet size is: 48" x 64"
.020- the maximum sheet size is: 54" x 144"
.03-.236 The maximum sheet size is: 60" x 144"
.375- the maximum sheet size is: 48" x 144"

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