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Polycarbonate is a great product for applications that require high temperature resistance. It is dimensionally stable, has good printability without any top-coating. This makes it a great candidate for multi-layer printing for applications such as over-lays, floor graphics, in-mold decoration.

Polycarbonate is excellent for membrane switches, as well as backlit signage where on side of the sign is exposed to UV light and the other is exposed to elevated heat due to interior lighting. It is also ideal for applications that require repeated actuations or constant usage. It offers ease of processing for thermoforming, Embossing, die-cutting, hydro forming and bending. It can be used over light-emitting devices (LEDS).

This product is available in many thicknesses & finishes:

Velvet/ Matte,
Matte/ Matte
Polish/Polish (has a "stick" mask on one side and a "cling" mask on the other)


Available in 48" rolls or 24.5" x 48.5" sheets

Special sizes are available by mill runs. They have a 1000# minimum and will take 1-2 weeks.



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