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Vinyl offers a great degree of flexibility and conformability.  Vinyl is generally very durable, offering good resistance to UV light as well as exposure to other environmental conditions. It is therefore used often for out-door applications. (extreme temperatures can pose a challenge for Vinyl which become brittle at extremely low temperatures, and soft at extremely high temperature).

Typical Applications are:

  • 52” rolls (.010 only)
  • 22” x 52” sheets (colors only)  ​
  • ​40.5 x 53" sheets ( White and Clear) 

We have standard stock on Rigid Gloss & Matte  .010 - .030 mils

  • Flexible 003-.012 mils
  • Rigid Gloss .004 - .030 mils
  • Rigid Matte .008-.030 mils​

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Vinyl-Rigid (Gloss & Matte)

Calendared Vinyl (rigid PVC) is available in Matte/ Matte, Gloss/ Gloss, Gloss/Matte and Scratch Resistant. In Clear, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, blue,Brown, Black, Tan, Pink. We can also manufacture any PMS color. Being an extremely malleable film, Vinyl can easily be embossed to create a unique texture. It is engineered for use in the printing industry as well as the packaging industry. It has good printability, and excellent impact properties. This is a great product which has many uses. 

Cast Vinyl (flexible Label stock) is available in Matte/ Matte, Gloss/ Gloss, Gloss/Matte ,Black, White, Clear.

  • 25” x 52” sheets (White and Clear) 
  • ​38” x 52” sheets (White and Clear) 
  • ​28" X 40" sheets (White and Clear)
  • Greeting Cards 
  • Advertisement Cards 
  • Shelf Danglers 
  • Membership Cards 

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