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Base Film:

The base film is a white or clear flexible vinyl with a high performance removable acrylic adhesive. The film is available non-top coated or Top-coated.

​Available in : .004 (thickness) , 54" (wide) rolls

 Recommended uses: 

Printing & Laminating: 

The base film is printed by whatever process is required. Please make sure the correct film is used (top-coated/non top-coated). Apply the over-laminate to the surface of the printed base stock using cold roll laminating procedures. It should be noted that there should be no silicones used in the ink as this could cause de-lamination.

  • Tile Floors
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Sealed Concrete​

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Floor Graphics

This product was developed for floor advertising. The printed advertisement can be applied to the floor and used for up to 6 months. It is designed for temporary use with normal wear and tear. It is composed of an over laminating film, which is a slip resistant film used to protect the graphics. It has a vinyl base film which is used for printing. Both films are coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.


The over-laminate is an embossed vinyl or polypropylene with a permanent adhesive. This laminate is UL approved for slip resistance.​

​Available in:  .003 & .006 (thickness) ; clear  & embossed,   54" (wide) rolls.

                       .005 (thickness); scuff resistant ,  54" (wide) rolls.

  • Sealed Wood
  • Waxed Vinyl​