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Multi-Layered Laminates

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  • ​​Circuit board pouches
  • Medical packaging
  • ​Clean Room Bags
  • And much more!​

Multi-layer Laminates

 Multi-layered laminates or "Barrier Films" are laminates that consist of different layers of films joined together to achieve specific barrier requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the product that is being packaged.

Every product that is packaged has certain "protection needs", We can help you design a Multi-layer laminate that will meet your specific needs. Some of the concerns that we have helped address for our customers in the past include: water vapor transmission, chemical infusion, static electricity.

  • Food packaging (including wine, coffee, snacks, etc.)
  • Hand lotion containers ​
  • Mylar Heat Blankets

 Multilayered applications include: